Firewall as already known is a barrier used to prevent unauthorized access or malicious traffic into a certain system or a network. With the rampant increase in innovative technology and increased growth in security threats, one cannot compete with the same using a traditional firewall. To cope with the changes in the industry, vendors in the enterprise firewall market have rendered themselves to a new generation of firewall devices.
These hardware or software-based network security systems identify and block attacks on systems by enforcing security policies, including security adaptations at the application level, the port, and the protocol levels.

HeroApps Wall Features

  • Application Awareness
  • Administration, Logging, and Reporting
  • State-full Inspection
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Integrated IPS
  • Facility to Observe SSL or other Encrypted Traffic
  • Security Solutions Integration
  • Inbuilt Antivirus & Anti-Bot Solutions
  • VPN solution
  • IP Routing
  • NAT Solution

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