HeroApps Patient Entertainment System is to help support patients through their traumatic stay at the hospital. The system assists in keeping the patient entertained, happy and engaged through their stay. Patient Entertainment System finds a need especially in paediatrics as it helps educate kids and adolescents, thereby improving their recovery while creating an improved hospital experience. Along with television programs, the system facilitates radio stations, audiobooks, and video-on-demand programming.
The system comes with a pre- and post-payment solution, this helps the hospital generate additional revenue through selective entertainment options. Overall there is an improved satisfaction rate for both hospital and patients likewise, with an improved review of stay, improving word of mouth and branding for future admissions. In terms of recovery, Patient Entertainment Systems improve patient response and reduces stay at the hospital, as computer-based education, including entertainment and place of stay has a positive impact on recovery. Providing open access of multimedia programs to patients directly increases hospital rating by 36% and HCAHPS overall.

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