HeroApps Intelligent Gateway is hardware that works via an intelligent software (HeroApps Sense) that provides reliable wireless computing, public Internet access solutions and bandwidth management suitable for corporates of all sizes.
The intelligent functioning of the system (HeroApps Sense) is committed to researching, streamlining and updating seamless solutions to assist business owners and their guests. Based on the usage and payment options, users benefit from HeroApps Sense’s high-speed Internet Access (HSIA) capabilities, with increased software attention on Bandwidth Management. Utilizing HeroApps Sense’s monitoring feature, owners and providers hold full control of guest’s and internal network access of the system. Also, the intelligent system facilitates calculation and distribution of the ISP’s total bandwidth, based on current users and the management’s bandwidth policies. The system facilitates, pattern based authentication to its users, providing total privacy and usage security.
The system is further facilitated with a secure access that can be used by owners to supplement their business’ revenue by deciding on how much to charge for every service; in turn keeping the users informed of the charges on the level of secure access they need. The system is highly economical saving you time and money in generating and printing vouchers and further maintenance of an inventory as well.