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HeroApps supports and supplies a comprehensive range of single and multi-room IPTV solutions in the Middle East. Utilizing highly integrated solutions. It builds and delivers multimedia services over IP based networks from the basic standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) and Full High Definition (FHD). Applying the same helps to achieve channel broadcasting and streaming video-on-demand (VoD), Web browsing, and interactive theme support that comes accompanied with our very own integrated HDR Headend or OTT solutions.
HeroApps Iite TV is an adopted methodology to accomplish television advertising and programming to help viewers communicate with advertisers and programming executives by utilizing a call to action. This is the most widely used PMS (Property Management System) integration that is ready for use from day one, providing a fully automated experience for guests. Eg: Opera, IDS, HMS and etc. It also comes accompanied with an Advance API system that provides multiple system integration over the Internet, giving you the ultimate guest experience.

What to expect on the “MAIN MENU”?

  • Welcome Message on TV when Check-in
  • Guest Name Display on TV Main Menu
  • Guest Message Popup and View
  • Elegant Designed UI in Multiple Region Display
  • Information Menu
  • Single Channel or Brand Video Streaming
  • Dynamic News Feed (From Online feed only)
  • Weather Forecast Report (From Online feed only)
  • Video and Music on Demand
  • Flight Status (From Online feed only)
  • World Time, Local Time and Date
  • Flash News Scrolling Bar Field
  • Language Selection

Exciting features of the “HOTEL MENU”

  • Hotel Restaurant and Dining Facilities
  • Health Club and Swimming pool information
  • Guest Room Services
  • Hotel Live Event Video Broadcasting
  • Meeting Rooms and Business Center
  • Reward Programs and External Activity
  • Hotel Gallery
  • Tourist Information

“TV CHANNEL” at its Best

  • Full HD Channel Experience
  • Hotel Channel
  • Customized Channel for VIP Guest and Groups
  • Pay Channel Bundling
  • TV Channel Category List with Preview
  • 100 Channels and above with High Clarity
  • TV Channel Streaming on advanced Smartphones
  • Radio Channel List

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