Digital Signage enables providers to target users individually at different times. Why is this important? Since consumer demographics change by store location and time of day, Digital Signage is used to locate and serve audiences at the right place with the right message.

HeroApps Boardsign

It is a suite of creative tools that help enhance content creation and display management no matter the browser device or OS used. It functions at perfection adapting to all platforms and devices including Android, Windows or Chrome. It serves as a complete Digital Signage Solution, hosting locally within the property, with endless possibilities. Using HeroApps BoardSign, users discover a range of functionalities including creating eye-catching digital signage for design and management of a complex, interactive multimedia display system.
The functionalities of a BoardSign include streaming of videos, channels, and scheduling, queuing system, wayfinder, 3rd party API and more, that is limited to usage within the given property. HeroApps BoardSign finds best usage at Hotels, and Hospitals.

HeroApps Cloudsign

HeroApps CloudSign works with the passion and focus of creating intelligent digital solutions. The CloudSign approach helps improve sales, increases consistent and compelling branding, renders support to improvement of business objectives, and increases an overall audience experience. The plus side to using HeroApps CloudSigns is that the functionality isn’t restricted and can be used beyond the property at hand, in fact the service can be reached countrywide and can be used to connect globally as well using a centralized management system. It serves well for most businesses, but finds prime importance in Restaurant chains, Retail Stores, Franchises and more.

Digital Signage Facilitates

  • Display of Information on Service Provider’s Services
  • Creates Brand and Product Awareness
  • Encourages Ad Revenue
  • Distinctive Customer Visibility Including Point-Of-Purchase
  • Identifies Target Audience Demographics
  • Narrowcast to a Selected Audiences

Digital Signage Advantages

  • Provides Adequate Information for Clientele
  • Increases Brand & Product Recognition
  • Saves Printing Cost
  • Utilizes Auto-Schedule to Update Content
  • Controls Locations Locally and Remotely through Cloud Server
  • Multiple Content Display at One Time
  • Increased Customer Engagement with Appropriate & Well-Timed Programming
  • Self-Automated & Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Update
  • Provides Timely Information

Digital Signage Content

  • Retail/ Malls
  • Banks/ Cinemas
  • Theme Parks/ Museums
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare
  • Hotels/ Casinos
  • Airports/ Cruise Lines

Digital Signage Applications

  • Retail/ Malls
  • Banks/ Cinemas
  • Theme Parks/ Museums
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare
  • Hotels/ Casinos
  • Airports/ Cruise Lines

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